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Icon <i> element support


Hi all

Id like to know if webflow has any kind of icons galery, as its based on bootstrap. How to work with icons on WFlow?


Freedom for the i element!

Nope, no icon gallery inside Webflow.....yet(?). So as for now it's Illustrator/Photoshop --> png/jpeg/svg --> Webflow; the usual way so to say.


You can integrate font-awesome in Webflow :
You can buy icons as SVG files and use them as images.
You can create your own icon font with tools like Fontastic

Apart of that there's not a lot of support for icons. For example, there's an <i> element used for arrows in the slider widget, but you can't use the <i> element for yourself.


Join my campain and sign my petition on to release the "i" element to the world.

Let this guy:

... join these guys:

We all swear we'll do good use of it!

Styling the down arrow on drop down menu

Hi Vincent,

Great campaign! and thanks for the request. I've added it to our request pool. In the meantime, can you please add post some ways you believe it can be useful, usage ideas, etc.




You could also add: freedom for the basic elements of css.
No need to keep adding classes all the time (like the tag "a", "img" "p" "slect" "input" "form" "label" "ul", etc. ..)


@vincent are you saying you want icons? I'd like them too! smiley


@vincent is talking about adding the i-element to the editor as a placeable element.

@lucaspchara is talking about making the element (and others) styleable without having to add to classes.


Yep. Imagine that I select the i element used for arrows in the slider widget, then select the settings tab, and can chose another icon in an icon palette. Rest of the setup in the Typography palette of course. That would be efficient. The icon palette would display the icons of the icon fonts I'd have loaded into webflow.


That's what I thought you thought! We've wanted to add this feature for a while now, but we're still working on some core functionality. We hope to add this soon!

@lucaspchara you should make a new topic because that's a different request.


Ahhh this is a bummer.