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I'd LOVE a way to share symbols between users


Hell, make it a Symbol Marketplace and charge for them. Either way, it'd be awesome to be able to import symbols into our projects that other users have created.


Also, the ability to share symbols between projects would be good smile
.....unless you can already do which case, can someone point me in the right direction?



Both would be brilliant features - you could actually create a market place for users to sell created symbols - pre built impressive forms, a funky navigation menu etc etc


Oh so you guys are talking about pre-built components, right? That would be pretty cool!


Yeah. So say I build a kickass form or social media button set or something like that. I can share it and others can drag and drop it straight into their projects. Could be free or you guys could monetize it (or let us sell them, as someone else suggested). You could end up with a giant user-generated repository of drag and drop widgets, essentially.


Cool absolutely !! Do-able perhaps in the future ? Something to think about anyway.... smile


I would say pre-built components are the foundation, @thesergie. The ability to use them across projects as well as being able to go from one user to another, (in the store idea noted above) really could help streamline the production process.



Kudos to this request. Having a symbol library for the account would be awesome. If those could be share it would be even better.