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If 2nd click of interaction 1 happens by interaction 2 on another trigger, how to make interaction 1 to notice the 2nd click happened and avoid having to click interaction 1 twice to get it back to the first click

I have 2 separate dropdowns (different style/interactions) on my page also not in the same div wrapper, container, section. If dropdown 1 is open when I click on dropdown 2, I want dropdown 1 to close & vice versa. I have that part working but if I went back to dropdown 1 to open it I would have to click twice because technically I only clicked once to open dropdown 1 and the second click was on to open dropdown 2.

Im looking for if the action of the second click happens else where for it to recognize it and reset the interaction back to wait for first click if possible.

Hi @Remi_Poirrier ,
This will probably require some JavaScript with IF statements…

What is you need exactly? maybe you can solve it in another way…