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If hosting my site with webflow can I create a subdomain that redirects to an external site?



I was interested in using Webflow to host our new site "". We are a holiday company where the third party booking pages we use must be accessed via a subdomain eg "" and these are hosted elsewhere. So we would need a CNAME record pointing a subdomain out of webflow. Is this possible?

Alternatively I have exported the site and can host it with a different hosting provider but then I lose my dynamic content/ CMS blog page. One of the main reasons I wanted to host with you guys is for ease of updating our blog/ and general website upkeep.

At the moment I am thinking that I might just have to make all my dynamic content static and then export it.

Any suggestions for what you guys think I should do?


Your domain registrar should have options to set the regular domain to point to webflow and make a subdomain point somewhere else. I know godaddy does, you just create the subdomain and do the same cname stuff but have it go elsewhere.

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