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If I upgrade to a Pro Plan, do I then get free hosting, or?


Hi guys. I'm a little confused about the pricing and plans.

I started trying out Webflow because to my understanding I had to sign up to a Pro account, and then I could host a unlimited amount of websites on Webflow for free? Or the hosting would be included in my Pro plan.

Is that wishful thinking? Do I have to pay for the Pro plan + hosting for every single site I want to host on Webflow? I that case it's really expensive?



Upgrading to the Pro plan allows you to
- create and export unlimited sites.

You can also host your site as a 3rd level domain...

To get
- you would need to export the site and self-host or host
- or add a hosting plan with Webflow.


@Revolution thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:


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