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If we brought back the Community Challenges, would you join?


The community has grown since we last ran our Community Challenges experiment. I would like to start it up again.

I have some new ideas on how to make it better this time around and it involves a points system. Every time you you want a challenge you get points which can be turned in for prizes.

Also, I would give out points for:

  • helping people on the forums
  • making tutorials in the Tips & Tricks category
  • making video tutorials
  • etc.

So, would you be interested in participating in a program like this? Let me know with a reply below!


Join the community leaderboard to win prizes!

Sounds like fun! :blue_heart:


@PixelGeek This sounds great :+1:


Totally would be interested.


I'm interested, sounds good.


I'm very interested !!!


YES!!!! This will be fantastic!!!! :grinning::sunglasses::wink::+1:


Like this idea! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Always interested in more opportunities :slight_smile:


For sure! jot my my name down.


Probably yes! :grinning:


Would enjoy it, but it always comes back to time. I never know when I'll have time to putz around with fun projects and when I won't. :slight_smile:


To everyone that posted a reply or liked this post, please sign up here:


Yep, I think it would be an awesome incentive. :smile:


It'd be nice if points were redeemable for Webflow subscription fees. (E.g. 5 points = $1 in your Webflow subscription wallet).


thats a great idea. I'll bring this up with the team :slight_smile: