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If you could meet someone from the Webflow team


If you could meet someone from the Webflow team and learn more about what he/she does and how they do it, who would it be?


For sure it should be the funny guy that gives voice to the university videos!


I would have to say Ryan Morrison. I would love to pick his brain on how he thinks in terms of design and the webflow brand. Some of the stuff he comes up with is just unreal!


I’d like to know JP aswell. Since he is brasileiro igual a mim and seems to be nice professional.


Probably you, Nelson, or Waldo, since you two are the persons I interact with mostly. But I would have to agree that the video narrator is near the top of the list.
Where is Waldo, anywho?


You are on the list Nelson :blush: Also I will be happy to meet Ryan Morrison and learn from him. He is doing amazing things! Meeting with Vlad will be awesome too because I will be able to learn more about growing a company, creating an amazing company culture and coming up with good jokes :smile: