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iFrame widget not working?


Hi I am testing webflow its great but my iframe is not showing using the html widget

<iframe src=""></iframe>


I've tested the code on in the editor & it seems to be working - can we get a share link to see if it is a bug with your editor / what is causing the problem please.



I tried iframe in a blank template and it works - thanks

for your info here are examples where iframe and javascript embeds didn't work for me

I have enabled sharing really great system the more i use it just gets better smile javascript embed

thanks for the fast response



It is not possible (in modern browsers at least) to iframe non-ssl sites within a site served via ssl. This is why some embedded iframes will be displayed and others will not. If the page supports https, you can just add an S to the url and it should work!


Sorry @Richie_vidmeup, Nathan beat me to answering haha!


yes I had a feeling that was the case thanks

I was trying to embed a store in my webflow page
just for the future and webflow users - shopify has a widget and magento store configuration settings need to be enabled for embedding,


Hi @Richie_Vidmeup, also Paystand and Ecwid also have been reported from other users to work good with their respective embed snippets, so you might check those services also smile Cheers, Dave


Im sure I will try as many as possible thanks!