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Image mask doesn't working on slider


Hello everyone!
I have an slider, inside that slider I have multiple slides and inside each slide I have an image. I'm trying to do an interaction where the image grows inside a mask when hover over but "mask" isn't working as expect, the image grows out of the mask.

Could someone share a feedback?

Here is my public share link:


Hey @adlpp just set your linkBlock class to Overflow: hidden. :smile: you can do some incredible things in web-design with masking :wink: Have fun!


Thank you @Waldo! Indeed it worked. Do you have any input for me to clearly understand why with the hidden overflow it works? Sorry if it's a silly question. I just want to fully understand.


@adlpp Basically an overflow style sets what happens to an element when it's content is larger than the element, so commonly used settings include Overflow: hidden, overflow: scroll, Overflow: auto. :smile:

I use overflow: hidden all the time on projects.


Awesome! Thank you very very much!


My pleasure to help @adlpp :smile: Feel free to reach out if you have any questions in the future :smile:

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