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Image not viewing in Safari Desktop


Hi I have a new site I created and launched.

I have an interaction on the home page the image is image-arrow-hero. Basically, it is a big painted arrow.

The problem I am having is, it views perfectly on Chrome on the desktop however on Safari on the desktop it is missing?

Any help would be appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:


Can you publish the site so we can see it on Safari ? doesn’t resolve at the moment


Thanks Vincent, I’ll take a look. The site is published at


Thanks. i’m not sure I see any difference between Chrome and Safari. Also tested in Safari ev preview and Webkit browser and everything seems fine. A good cache clearing, browser updates and reboot for you maybe will fix it? :slight_smile:


Very nice site BTW Scott, I like this design, straight forward, nice effect, not to little not too much. The big painty yellow arrow is neat, and the dark tones have a great “conference” or “talk” feeling.


Yeah, I’m using 10.1.2 so it does need to be updated. I am wondering if there is a workaround for people using older safari browsers so it works

Thanks very much for the feedback Vincent much appreciated, yeah the brand identity I created for the event is nice and simple. The hand-painted arrow is about moving forward “getting ahead in the music industry” (yes I did get the yellow paint out! :slight_smile: ha ha and the event is there to help people learn how to do this.

Many thanks.


Oh I love that! Respect for producing your own assets, tailored to your needs!


Thanks man.

Updated Safari and its working fine now.


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