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Image protection



I'm working on a portfolio for a client and she would like to present some images.
Ideally she would like to protect her images from being easily copied. I was wondering if there is any solution to protect people from copying the images ?


There no 100% that I know of, but I just use a transparent full size DIV to cover the image so the user can't 'right click' on the image to download it.

Hope that helps (a little)


yeah, even if you use an image for a background the file is going to be accessible via code or assets file.


Hi @MoinardColin

Have you tried this?

Once again @PixelGeek :heart: to the rescue.
You can always add a right click block and pretty much 90% of the people who see it, will just abandon all hopes of getting to that image :smiley:

Even tho it is true that (like I like to say) everything that enters the internet, never really leaves.. Most people don't know how to code and access the back of websites..
And I really doubt some people are willing to go through lines of code to just steal an image :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the answers ! I'm gonna try those and it should be very fine :slight_smile:


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