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Image Rollover Interaction


Hi Webflow community,

I need some help with interactions.

On my Portfolio page, if you hover over the first thumbnail you'll see a slide over animation. This is an interaction with a rollover trigger on Portfolio Link (the thumbnail) affecting a different element Text Wrapper (the slide over).

If I duplicate this to the other thumbnails, then rolling over one thumbnail opens all of them. Is there an easy way to make this non universal? or is there a better way for me to do this? I hope this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi @neil11

This little option will solve your situation :wink:


Wow that was really simple! Thanks sabanna


Hi sabanna, may I trouble you about one more problem that's similar to the one you answered?

Once a thumbnail is clicked, the interaction opens a project view (Project section). I'm hoping to have each project open in this view but I'm not sure how to make each one unique since this is not a nested element and since interactions can't call nested classes. (I realize I could always build a new page in lieu of the project view but I thought I'd ask) :slightly_smiling:

Thanks again!


Easiest way - to use CMS.

If you want to stay with static type site, I am afraid you will have to change the structure. Other ways, you will have to create separate interaction for open every project.


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