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Image settings broken


Does not work @2x -
mac os x - safari, chrome


Works great for me... OS X Mavericks, Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Try clearing out browser cache and please post a screencast of what's going on. I'm using QuickCast :: which I highly recommend to record your casts. It uploads automatically on the webserver so you just have to record and publish followed by a copy&paste of your link wink


thanks, here's a screencast



Thanks for the quickcast! That sure is a weird bug. Could you please give us a troubleshooting link and attach your image here? Could you also please record the JS Console while you're adding the image and setting the width of it? You can use cmd+shift+i on Chrome and change tab to Console. I don't remember the shortcut for Safari...

Also please check if the problem persists on Chrome at Incognito Mode smile

Hope I can help with that issue...


I just realized it's not working for me too...

OS X Mavericks

  • @Chrome

  • @Safari

  • @Firefox

Windows 7

  • @Chrome

  • @FireFox

  • @Safari

  • @IE

Windows 8

  • @Chrome

  • @FireFox

  • @Safari

  • @IE

I'll pin @thesergie @bertie @kkilat here just so you guy know the issue wink Would be good if you also change the category to Feedback.


@bartekkustra @emaestro thanks for pointing out this bug! We'll fix it asap.


Thanks, now it works!

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