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Image Upload Feature

Any word on being able to upload images thru the webflow API? the ability to pass in an image url would be sufficient.


Thanks for writing about this, I am setting up a similar system for a dropshipping site.
I am really interested in the formula/set-up you used inside of Google Sheets to Filter the URLS out of the Variant Data and put them in different columns (Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, etc). Could you please share or send me info on how you managed to use =REGEXEXTRACT to isolate this URLS and add images to each product? :smiley: this would be a huge help, thank you!

P.s I am also having trouble figuring out how to map the Price of the product through zapier, can’t find the data.

FYI this is now possible with the Webflow API:

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Has anyone achieved this via the API/Webflow Form to CMS (via Zapier etc)?

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Yes, multiple times. Let me if you need help.

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How did you achieved this? API/Webflow Form to CMS (via Zapier etc)

There is a feature called download file in Integromat. I am sure it will be possible through Zapier as well.

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Hi, Upload seems to work with an http:// url (no zaps ) but doesn’t work with a file:/// url. I think it would be great if the Webflow folks would add a little more documentation about how upload with the API works! Right now the easiest thing for me would be to upload directly from my file system. Why doesn’t it work? And, are there alternatives like uploading the binary image to an S3 bucket somewhere after getting an upload token?