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Image upload to zapier to CMS - solved

Howdy guys,

I am quite struggling with the Image upload to zapier to CMS flow. After an image has been uploaded via a webflow form, the URL - for example; - get send to zapier and then uploaded to the webflow cms.

Im my webflow project, i use a html embed to display the image from the url. However, on the published site, the image does not get displayed because it does not have authorization to access the file.

Can anyone help me why this is happening and what to do about it ; D
I would greatlyyyyyyy appriciate it



Hey @HappyDigital

First, let me understand what you’re up to. And I have a few questions.

  1. You have created a Webflow from which has an image upload feature.
  2. In your Webflow CMS page, you’re using HTML embed to display the image from URL. And, it’s not getting displayed on the published site because of the authorization access to the file.
    Is this correct?

I’m not clear why are you using Zapier? Can you please explain this flow step-by-step?
By CMS, I assume it’s Webflow CMS and not other 3rd-party CMS. Am I right?

Hi, Thanks for your repsonse:grin:
I just figured out what the issue was, it was due to the form submission files requiring login.

Thanks anayway:innocent:

@HappyDigital Cheers! Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

Hi Djaya,
I need same function like you. Can you share more about your experience? I try to send image via a form but looks like webflow can accept this way. and can you share the embed code to convert the image link to preview image. Thanks a lot!!
This link is some example I want to realize

Best regards,

Any luck figuring this out? I’m experiencing the same thing