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Image width updated in Settings tab affects all views


Hi - The changes I am making on the tab;et view are effecting the desktop view, have I done something strage to the settings?


Your share link is broken. Please copy the entire URL.


Hi @samliew, how strange, I copied the link in exactly the way above - here it is again:

Many thanks


What changes were you making on the tablet view that affected the desktop?


The photographs in the four columns (second section) which highlight the professions they offer. If I change the size in Tablet view they are changing on the desktop also.


Hi @Roxzfr, thanks for providing the link. If you are trying to set the width on the image using a style, then the width will cascade from Desktop to mobile portrait:

If the width for the image is set in image settings, it will affect all views:

Does this help? I checked the preview link, but it does not look like there is any width applied in the style on the image classes.

I hope this helps!


Thank you @cyberdave seems to make sense - as always PICNIC error!

Have a great day :smile:

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