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Images with spaces in the names export broken


Webflow needs to properly handle images with spaces in the names. When you export a static version of the site all spaces are replaced with %20 which means they are all broken links. Webflow doesn't provide a way to rename image files, so it should automatically rename any image with a space in the name.

It's going to take me 40+ hours just to fix the 50 images that had spaces in the names and were uploaded to webflow.

Thanks for the great product!

Images not showing on exported sites
[SOLVED] Responsive Images broke my site
Exported images return a 404 error

This is a new bug in the new responsive image system. Every single webflow site we have no longer loads images with spaces when exported, even though webflow still inserts %20. It's a BUG with the new responsive image code and needs to be fixed asap


Hi @cat thank you so much for reporting this issue. We are working on a resolution to this issue, thank you so much for reaching out and letting me know, I really appreciate it.

I will let you know as soon as I have more information.

Exported images return a 404 error
[SOLVED] Responsive Images broke my site

Hello guys

I needed to do a minor change on a website earlier on and i got the message to improve responsive images, after saying yes and the platform make its magic I got an awful icon on my exported site like I have no images at all on my website.

The exported site and the preview link.

Please can you help me?



Hi @aaronocampo which site did you see this occur on? Can you please send me a link to the site?

As a workaround, can you please try restoring a backup site version while we are working to resolve this issue?

​Please let me know if this solves the problem, if not, can you e-mail me at right away?


Hello @Waldo

I already contact you guys through email support.

The link is (I know it 's not the best design but the client wanted that :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thank you very much for the response.


Hey @cat and @aaronocampo, we just pushed a fix for some export issues relating to special characters in image filenames. Export should work now, no need to restore from backup.

Let us know if you're still seeing issues here. :star2: :rainbow:


Already restore from backup :disappointed:. At the end it works but thank you any ways!

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