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Implement Disqus on Webflow blog


Hi all,

I want to implement comments on the posts of my blog and browsing on the internet I found that we can integrate Disqus with the universal embed code. But the problem is that I don’t know where I have to copy this code, on the internet some people say that is on the blog post template, but I don’t have any space for code there (screenshot).

Does anyone know how to implement it?

Thanks in advance.


Oh great question, @SabrinaCouto!

Feel free to provide your share link so that I can take a look at your site:

I’d be happy to help.

Without looking, I can say that the code would go on the actual page of the blog template. I would be happy to show you once you provide your share link.


Hi @micahryanhtml,

Thanks for your answer!

Here you have the link:



Thanks, @SabrinaCouto.

The following video is a quick walk through of how to add an HTML embed element on the Blog Template page:

Once you add the HTML embed element, add the code provided by Disqus.

This implementation will then be available for all blog posts.

Hopefully helps :nerd_face:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • Micah


Have you tried Vuukle Comments and engagement platform?


@micahryanhtml thanks! very clear video!!! I’ll try it and see how it works.

@Ravi_Mittal thanks! I’ll check it as well in case it’s a better option.


Thanks for flagging this one. Looks great. Implementing it!


Hi Everyone! Thanks for the tutorial for adding Disqus comments on Webflow.

Now, I’m trying to add a “comment count” on each article.

I tried to add a link block or text link and add the ID : #dsq-count-scr to it as explained on the tutorial (

But I’m not able to add any link to CMS section.

Do you guys can take some time trying to implement this? It would be useful because I didn’t find any concreet answer on this specific topic.