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Import Multi-Reference Cell


Is there any way to import a multi-reference cell information at all?

If not, do I basically need to enter it manually for x,xxx cells within WebFlow?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @mrimpossible, at the moment the multi-reference values need to be added manually to the multi-reference collection field, the import does not yet support reference fields.

Here is the item on the Wishlist, I would love to have your vote and comment on this:

Thanks in advance


Already upvoted it!

Was hoping it had been addressed in the feature set. Makes it a bit difficult to not be able to import that along with the rest…


Hi @mrimpossible, Thanks for the upvote and for your comments. I can totally understand the need for this, and as soonest there is an update I will make sure to update this post.