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Importing images to CMS collections items using ZAPIER


I was trying to import collection items using Zapier, but webflow returns the following error:

Bargle. We hit an error creating a item. :frowning: Error: returned (400) Bad Request and said "ValidationError: Invalid image id."

What's wrong? Is there any other way to import images to webflow?

If there is no such way, maybe it is possible to import links to images to external source as a href?

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Hi there

@PixelGeek showed this on the latest show. It seems you cannot import images just yet. But you in most cases you can import a img url. So in your collection make a url field. Make a img code embed and for the url(src) use the "add field" you find on the embed window and choose your url from your collection.

Makes sense?


Hi, When I connect any RSS feed on Zapier, it does not pull in any Image URL's... The idea seems good, but its not possible. Please advise


Hi @jorn, I’m using zapier to populate content in a collection then trying to add an image to the collection list using an html embed that references the src to a url field in a collection as you suggest, but not having much luck. The images show blank on the page.

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Anything you can spot? Maybe something wrong with the way I am completing the html embed?


Solved…! Using some great details found here - Image Upload Feature

You need to set dimensions of the image within the html embed e.g.

< img src=“Insert url field here” width=“100%” height=“auto” >


Great, was just starting taking a look at your project.