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Importing items that reference another collection

Ok so I have a collection of “Providers” and a collection of “Articles”. As I bring new Articles in via csv Import is there a way I can have the “Providers” automatically map to the referenced collection so that I don’t have to go into the individual items and set the provider one at a time?

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Good afternoon @Edmund_Bini, I see your concern and unfortunately to answer your question would be NO. Since it is a reference field that you are connecting to your articles you would need to manually attached that field to each article.

I hope you don’t have too many? Yes it will take some time, but it actually pretty easy, as long as the fields are set up properly.

Is there a way to put the actual reference CID as a placeholder in that field?

Hi @Julian_Wan, Reference and Multi-reference fields are the only fields that are not able to be pulled.

Since reference and multi-reference come from other collections.

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I’ve noticed if I put the value of the corresponding reference item from the referenced collection, when I do a patch request it updates properly.

Is this an error? It’s working now so I guess… problem solved!

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