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Importing "More Variant Images" on a CSV file

I’m trying to create an e-commerce site to restore an Etsy site.
They gave me a CSV file with all the info, and I’m rearranging it to fit the Webflow template for CSV format CMS import.

I put the image file link in the Main Variant Image column and then the rest of the image file links in the next column, but nothing shows up but a dead link image as you see in my screenshot.

I’ve formatted it various ways and I have no idea how to get this working as I need the multiple images to show for my client.


I figured out it was a tiny error across the entire excel sheet.

I needed to use a semi colon (:wink: instead of a comma (,) to separate the images in the CSV file for the “More Variant Images” cell.
Luckily, Microsoft Excel has options to change 452 items at once with multiple images each item.

“Find & Replace” tool did me wonders for this excel sheet.