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Importing MySQL Database to Webflow CMS


Hi guys,

I need your precious advice. I'd like to transfer a MySQL based website to webflow CMS. Now, with help of the CMS API, it is possible but i have no clue how to do.

What's your opinion? Should I keep storing my data in the existing database and synch every entry I make to WF CMS or is it safe enough to write new entries in WF CMS only, without haveing the fallback of an external database?

As for the import/synch process, is there anybody among you who could help my realize that (as a paid service, for sure)?

Thanks in advance for your comments!


Migration from Joomla!
  1. Export your database in CSV or XLS (spreadsheet format), then clean it using a spreadsheet editor until it's full of useful text material that your Webflow CMS collection can receive.

  2. Go to Zapier, make a free account, and look how to set up a "Spreadsheet to Webflow" thing. It will link a spreadsheet to a Webflow collection so any new data added to the spreadsheet will be added to the collection.

  3. Test it with one line of data first. When it works OK, add the rest of the data at once to the spreadsheet and profit.

Won't work for image data at the moment, which you have to import manually.

You can automate the rest with macro scripts and apps like Keyboard Maestro but that's a bit more work.