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Improving Load Times Using Google's "PageSpeed Insights"


I'm using Google's "PageSpeed Insights" tool to analyze a site that I'm building. I'm getting decent scores for the desktop experience (83/100) but the mobile rating is much lower (63/100). There are a number of recommendations, (Remove render-blocking JavaScript, Optimize CSS delivery, etc. See attached screenshots for more extensive lists.), but I'm not sure how to actually make any of these improvements. Has anyone run into similar problems and have insights in how to fix them? Thank you!

Page Speed Insight. Embed code?
Options to edit default head and footer code?
Page Speed Insight. Embed code?
Issues with Google Analytics event tracking, image cropping, button resizing and render blocking

Looks like it gets bogged down by Google's own fonts request. Try to remove the google fonts from the site and see if that improves the speed for mobile.

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That helped significantly! The mobile score jumped up to 86 and the desktop jumped up to 92. Thanks for such a quick reply!


Sure thing @ryanjames! Glad it helped.


After having the same issues that ryanjames did I started playing with my fonts and must have royally screwed up because my speed score dropped 10 points. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.


Can anyone advise on how to help with these issues?

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Leverage browser caching

Minify JavaScript

Enable compression

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We will need to know more about your situation.

What is you hosting environment like? Are you hosting externally or with Webflow?

What kind or embedded code are you using?


Hi @thesergie and @ryanjames and perhaps also @cyberdave?
Im going through similar hardship here, how do i remove Google fonts from the site?

Im having these javascripts causing the issue on PageSpeed Insights -

And Optimize CSS Delivery of the following:,700%7CLato:100,100italic,300,300italic,400,400italic,700,700italic,900,900italic

I removed all classes that are using Montserrat fonts or Lato fonts or any other fonts for that matter, i downloaded just random fonts (ttf) added them to webflow and still i am having this problem.
Google is still pulling the webfont.js.




Hi @Nir,

You can enable minification of your CSS file by going to your Hosting tab:

As for the Google webfont, there isn't anything you can do except remove webfonts from your site. Modernizer is for IE9 support and it has to be in the <head>.


Hi @brryant thank you for the answer.
How do i remove webfonts?
Iv used custom fonts, and not using any of the webflow provided fonts. But its still pulling the script.


I had the same issue as you,
THE FIX: Some font styles will be displaying the "A" in the designer a Blue color. This means some Google fonts are still publishing to the primary class. You have to go through all classes that show the 'Blue' "A" in the designer and remove the style. Once done, the 'Blue' "A" turns yellow/amber meaning no other linked classes are inherited and you will be free from Google Fonts loading!


I am working on making my website better, now that it's sorta done.

I did a test with

And it came up with a lot of speed issues.

I wanted to minize the css files to start with, since I am not using extra fonts, but that is only for a higher up plan and I am not gonna pay double, while I am already paying 5 dollars extra per site I host at webflow.

Is this really the only way to improve page speed? I thought webflow said, that with the new hosting servers, they have the fastest hosting available??

@thewonglv @cyberdave




Thanks @brryant for responding. I will check out the article, moz is really cool for SEO stuff, got a lot of seo info there smile

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