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In-page linking inside a flexbox with scrolling content


Hi guys,

I’m new to Webflow and am building my first website. I used this flexbox tutorial to build a sticky sidebar alongside scrolling content:

I am now trying to make each text link in the sidebar to scroll to the correlating Section within the flexbox. I have tried using the ElementID function on each of the Sections (which I name ‘WorkContent’) but was not successful.

What is the best way to achieve this?

Here is my public share link:

Please go to the ‘Work’ page to see the problem in question. Thank you in advance!


hi, Its hard to understand where in your site the problem and/or what the problem (add screenshot)

Anyway, you don’t need JS foranchors links:

Do you talk about this idea? (anchors scroll menu // scrollspy menu):


Hi @ljylee25 thanks for the post. Section scrolling does not work for elements that are nested within a parent element having an overflow of Scroll.

This means that to have a fixed sidebar with page scrolling, keep the sections you are scrolling to scrollable on the body only as in this quick example (available for cloning):

I hope this helps.


Hi @Siton_Systems

Sorry it’s not clear, the problem I am referring to is on the page called ‘Work’.

Thanks for the links, I’ll look through them to see if I can work around it!


Hi @cyberdave

Thanks for the clarification.

I will try and implement the example you linked! Thanks for the help.

Edit: I have used this method to re-design the ‘Work’ page and now it all works! Thank you again Dave :slight_smile:


You saved my sanity with this! I was attempting this layout with anchor links and wanted to pull my hair out!


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