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Incorrect custom font src url/path in code


When exporting my code, the path of Font Family is wrong, take a look.

read-only link:


Hi @lucaspchara, I just checked this out, and I am unable to reproduce the issue on a newly exported version of that site.

CSS after export:

CSS in Webflow before export:

Is the issue still happening? Thanks in advance.


Well, I do not know what to say, here continues with error.

I'm using windows 10 and chrome version 51.0.2704.84 m
(Already tried to restart the browser.)

This already happened again with another site, maybe it's just my account?


Hi @lucaspchara, could you try to remove the custom font from the site settings, save changes and then re-upload the font, save changes and then re-run the export?


remains the same ... :confused:

I loaded another font and it worked, it seems that this is a bug only in my specific font.


Hi @lucaspchara, that is odd for sure. In my screenshot, I was using the same font as you in my example test.
Another thing to try, is to rename the original font before uploading to Webflow, and then re-upload with the new font name.

You might also try to upload the other fonts that are normally needed for maximum browser compatibilty (the .woff, .eot and .otf versions).

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