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'Industry-standard' lightbox treatment


I’ve been asked to determine a method for displaying overlays (click on a link, overlay appears, interact with things in it) on a webpage. I built something that works in WebFlow (which if I understand correctly is based on jQuery and Modernizr, among other things). However, I’m facing a concern that building one in WebFlow is fragile and not a professional solution.

So I did a lot of research on sites similar to what we’re targeting (Ipsos, ResearchNow, Bain, TNSGlobal, Razorfish, as well as Apple, Microsoft, Slate, TechCrush, etc.) to see what they are using to display overlays. From what I can tell, it’s pretty much a universal standard to use jQuery and Modernizr. Some also include Lightbox, jQuery ColorBox, or MFP, but not all.

So my question is: is there a widely-accepted standard for creating lightboxes, and am I just missing it? Is creating one in WebFlow going to be fragile and break? Or have I done what everyone else is doing, and used jQuery and Modernizr (indirectly, in my case) to create a bone-standard lightbox?


Add your code example (link). Its hard to know what you mean when you saying “not a professional solution”

In General for now in webflow you only have lightbox gallery. If you want lightbox modal, youtube, google-map, inline content and so on you must load external library. The best lightbox project i know is fancyBox3 (very easy to implement)

Very modern also are: photoswipe, lightGallery. Google it you find a lot of articles like this one:10-best-javascript-lightbox-plugins-2017

Its very easy to embed Jquery libraries to webflow


Abandoned question.


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