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Infinite loop.. mouse over etc

I would like to develop an animation exactly the same as the one you find at
I am referring to the infinite cards loop. I’m stuck over there, no prob for the loop, things get harder for the mouse over interactions:

Mouse over: Loop stop -> Paragraf, button link show.
How do I get the same animation/interaction shown in this web site?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Andres_H, Inspired by @joshljacobs1 :+1::ok_hand: Easy CSS-only Marquees! :+1::ok_hand: with his help I’ve added “pause on hover” custom CSS which is what you might be looking to implement do have a look.

Published Link
Read-only link

Hope it helps :peace_symbol:

Hi @Sachin , thanks for helping me get this headache down. Cheers