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Infinity background color on columns


Hi All,

I am trying to recreate a Google site but I have some issues with the infinity background on the hero since I have 2 columns.

How can I keep one side of the columns in white color and another one in color.




Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you share your read only link to help you better please?




hey @aaronocampo any thoughts?


Sorry @carlos94587 I just got back, I wasn't at the office.

I would suggest to use flexbox in that section to fill with color one of the sides and let the columns for the content itself.

I can set a little tutorial but it'l take a couple of hours. Let me know if this helps or if you can wait.



Actually I thought about flexbox but I have done one thing only so, not a lot of experience with Flexbox. The tutorial will help to make it the right way.

Cool, Thanks


I am sorry @aaronocampo but I didn't understand how to do it based on the examples


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