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Input field for interaction names is behaving strangely



It is very tricky to get the interaction name right, although not impossible. Cheers!


@thewonglv we're looking into this issue, thanks for the GIF showcasing the behavior.

I believe before when you clicked into the name field for an interaction it selected the full name and you could just type the new name in. Great catch!


Yep I'm getting this too


Still seeing some trouble here:

cc @Waldo


Same thing here in Safari but I don't believe I have the problem in Chrome.

Mac Pro 5,1


Hi @thewonglv @Mark_Bowen thanks for sending a note over and that screen recording, I really appreciate it!

Just an update, we're still investigating and working on a fix for this issue, I'll let you know as soon as I have an update. :bow:

The current work around is to click into the Interaction name field, select the text and then renaming the interaction.


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