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Inserted into normal text DIV , and he climbs on top of DIV



My Friend, first of all, chill out!.
It took me some time to understand your problem. You may have experience with Webflow, but you're clearly don't have any/none knowledge of html/css and i´m not saying that to offend you, it's just a fact.
I work with Webflow since the beginning and i have worked with html for more than 10 years and i can say, that is normal, it´s like @bart says "That's just how HTML and CSS works".

If you don´t know html/css that´s cool, but don't argue with someone that knows and is trying to help you... specially when you're being a... well...


I'm sorry, you're right. I am ashamed. I am very confused. It's just that I could not.
Everything went wrong. And it seems that no one can understand me. I was furious. I behaved like a naughty child.

Strange CSS works. I'm going to the kitchen to open the refrigerator door, but it does not open. Instead, the door opens into the bathroom, but I did not even touch it.


@Barsik I don't see any indent (text being pushed right) happening at all. I do see top margin on the heading you are inserting. I think the headings come with preset top and bottom margins. Is it possible that on the project you were working on before you had already removed the margin from the heading? In the video you are applying margin to the heading not to the div. You gave the div and heading to different classes and then adjusted the class for the heading.


@bart Actually, there might be something odd happening here. I was fooling around with a layout and noticed when I copied a container with a large top margin to a 'section' or 'div' with no padding applied that it created a large top margin by moving the section down but as soon as I made the padding of the 'section' 1px then the large top margin of the container took effect.



can you create that within Webflow and post read-only link? That's be easier for me to understand that. Or if you could create a video where you explain that. Additionally something in could help greatly and might answer your question :)


@bart Here you go.


Again - that's how HTML/CSS works: :)


Yes, you are of course correct. I was thinking about this all wrong this morning for some reason.

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