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Integrate Paypal "Buy Now" code?


Having great success using the program, but can't figure out how to add in the code () for a Paypal "Buy Now" that Paypal generated for me. Is this possible? Thanks!


Wha code is that? Type it here and wrap it up with the code tag. I could help you integrating it using jQuery wink


It's just the <form> code that Paypal gave me. I got it working by opening the html file with Dreamweaver and adding it into the code that way, it's just the styling is off as I didn't do it in Webflow and get the corresponding .css


If its just a very simple buy now button, I managed it just using 'embed' and copy/pasted, the code paypal generates for you. I made my own buy now button graphic.

Example at


The most common (and easiest) way to integrate PayPal is to use the "embed" feature that @ros_garland suggested.


Worked perfectly!! Thanks very much! x