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Integrating 1&1 ecommerce


Has anyone ever used 1&1 in conjunction with Webflow?

A client has asked me to redesign their site which is currently a DIY 1&1 template, he's a total technophobe but is comfortable with their ecommerce. He only has 5 products and I would normally use Ewid, but if there is a way to avoid him having to learn something new so much the better.



With only 5 products, I'd sell him on @Foxy cart. Josh and the Foxy team are great and the support is truly World Class. This would be a no brainer for me and Josh will support your efforts to bring him into the fold very well.

My 2¢.



@itbrian40 Thanks for the encouraging feedback! :slight_smile:

@Roxzfr Foxy was made from the beginning to be easily added to new or existing websites, including Webflow. Adding a whole catalog of products is pretty easy, so adding only a handful should be even easier. Please take a look at this page and hit me up on live chat if you have any questions at all.



Thanks @itbrian40 and @foxy - I have heard great things about Foxy Cart; however, I would if possible prefer to keep my client in his comfort zone and integrate with 1&1, with which he is comfortable.



I have put clients on 1 & 1 for VPS, but never their ecommerce. I use WP on those sites, coupled with WooCommerce. Sorry, I can't help you.



No worries, thanks for taking the time @itbrian40


Hi @Roxzfr.
I completely understand. One thing to keep in mind is that if you're building and hosting the website with Webflow, your client will be able to manage their products without ever leaving Webflow. So if you're switching them to Webflow anyways, having the store and website in one place (instead of two different sites) may make more sense. We're here to help if you need anything.



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