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Integrating a Sign Up form on Webflow with a GetResponse Campaign


I'm in the process of building an enewsletter sign-up form on my Webflow page that I'm wanting to connect to a GetResponse campaign. I know Webflow offers integration to Mail Chimp, but can't find any help/tutorial on how to integrate with GetResponse.

Has anyone had any success doing that? And if so, can they walk me through what I need to collect from my GetResponse campaign and how to integrate it with Webflow?

If you go to the site ( that is still under development, you'll see the box appear on the screen.



Hey Chris,

Thanks to Zapier this is possible here is how:
Keep in mind GetResponse is a premium application so after the trial period ends (14 Days) you have to pay if you want a a free alternative you might want to try MailChimp here is the tutorial

If you need a video tutorial on how to do it dont hesitate to ask me hope this answers your question :smile:



@Ahmadz839 I would love any video help you could provide. I'm in over my head trying to understand integrations like this.


Hey Chris,

Im going off to sleep now ill make it tomorrow and send it over :smile:


Sounds great. Thanks.


Here you go:

Hope it helps :smile:


Thanks a ton @Ahmadz839. That cleared a lot up. Please don't delete the video so I can continue to refer to it.


Glad i could help i will not be deleting the video anytime soon :smile:


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