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Integrating Snipcart E-Commerce with your Webflow site


Hey everyone!

I know we’ve discussed WF + Snipcart a bit before in here, but we finally took some time to craft a post showing how to do such an integration. One of our devs just published the post on our blog, so I thought I’d share it here with you also:

I’m here to answer questions if you have some. We’d love to see more Snipcart + WF projects; the platform’s really awesome. Cheers!

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Great writeup, thanks for taking the time to put this together.

I'm currently looking into options for selling on my work-in-progress Webflow site, and came across Snipcart almost immediately as a potential option. My one hesitation after reading through what you've put together, is that your example site doesn't seem to showcase any sort of "cart."

While initially my customers would be unlikely to purchase more than one thing (we are launching with one product), it's fairly safe to assume that as we add more products, or if they decide on getting 2 or more of our one product, they will need a cart to gather their purchase before checking out.

How easy is it for us using Webflow to integrate a cart element?


Awesome :slightly_smiling: Is there away to making bookings with Snipcart? select date and time of delivery?


looks like there is already a cart automatically added. Check out their demo page:!/cart


Thanks for the reply!

I may be missing it, but I was looking for the element on the page that allows the visitor to see what is added to the cart (typically shown with a cart icon & a number) as well as a link to view what is included in the cart.

I will admit I haven't explored the service too closely, so it may be easily integrated, but from what I can see there is currently no way for a visitor to view the cart contents without first adding an item (or a second item) to their order.