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Integrating viral loops with my webflow forms

I’m just creating a landing page to support our pre-launch campaign and it’ll be heavily driven by a referral engine (currently experimenting with Viral Loops - they seem to be the easiest to use).

To keep all elements consistent throughout the site, I want to use the webflow forms I have styled, however, I can’t make sense of how to integrate Viral Loops from their documentation… If anyone can translate into Lehman’s terms it would be much appreciated!


The code they are showing is just Javascript. It is being loaded after jQuery, so you would need to wrap it up in an open tag, placed in the page -> before body close custom code area. You need to modify it to target the elements you used on your page. Look at the codepen example they shared.

Thanks for your response, I’ve decided to go another direction as it didn’t quite fit my needs - much appreciated though!!