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Integration needed in Zapier to add content


I need to get content created in Webflow Collections from Zapier. I autocreate lots of content today in all my blogs and if I shall move all my sites this is a must have function.

So I would love to setup Zapier to read ie an RSS feed and every five minute import that into my News Collection inside webflow.


This might help:


Hey, it's the other way I need. I need to insert data into CMS not get stuff out from CMS. You copy on that?


Aha, i didn't quite understand you sorry. I have no idea if this is possible. :grin:


Hey @AndreasKviby and @DharmaNode

Currently this is not possible in Webflow but that's why the wishlist section exists. :smile:

Hope this answers your question.



Would you be interested in a workaround solution and demo?


Do you mean i make a workaround and demo or you?


Can you make a workaround to add content?


Hey @AndreasKviby

As far as i know this is not possible at all and there is no workaround so its a no sadly. :sweat:



I believe I can make it work, interested in seeing it?


Yeah ill be more than interested :smile: how does it work?


Does anyone know how far we're away from a feature like this? It would instantly make the CMS a thousand times more powerful. :blush:

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