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Integromat - Creating Webflow CMS items & uploading files from Dropbox

This caused me much grief! So I thought I’d share how I got it working.

If you need to create a webflow cms item with a dropbox file, the standard dropbox share links are not a direct link to the file. After creation of the dropbox file, I found I had to use a dropbox api call module to the [get_temporary_link] ( endpoint.

I also found I had to use a Webflow api call module to create the item. I originally tried to use the dropbox download file and the webflow create item modules with no luck.

I hope this helps others preserve some hair in the future! :face_with_head_bandage:

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Nice @HammerOz :sunglasses: Thanks for sharing!

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Nice job indeed ! Let us know if we can be of any help next time! :blue_heart:

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Hmm. I did the first time I had this issue and didn’t get a solution. So many standard modules just don’t work in integromat. I am nearly at the point where I solely use api modules. But that’s ok :+1: whatever works!

Did you get somebody from our support team? You can reach them there anytime

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Yes I did and they did their best Jonathan.