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Interaction add/removes class


Would be awesome if an interaction could add/remove a class to an element.


I'm taking the liberty to bump this one. If implemented, I think it would bring in a type of workflow that a lot of people are used to, and even more possibilities for interactivity.


Bump! Would love to see this feature also


This would be awesome.


Great idea! Please Webflow


Would be handy to make a nav-bar become sticky after scrolling......


This idea feature is very important. Please Webflow! =)


Someone know if this feature are in developed?


I believe this is the single most important feature missing on interactivity options.


This would be amazing and so so powerful.


Bumpedy Bump. Need this so bad.


YES PLEASE. Bumpedy bumpedy bump.


Yes this is a "must have" feature IMO. I always use this approach in development: style element states with classes and then apply specific classes on trigger interactions