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Interaction applies to all elements


I was trying an interaction on this Site.
Problem is when the menu is open... I want only the close button to be able to close the menu overlay... But any click on the overlay itself closes the whole thing.
I just can't find out what's causing this...
Please Help


You have only one interaction, you need another interaction for the close button, that will just put the overlay stuff in the same state than when you open the page (smaller, hidden).


Oh I see...
But even so... The menu button has an interaction that closes the menu overlay...
Why does a click on the menu overlay trigger that?


To begin with you can't do what you want to do with only 1 interaction anyway. I haven't looked closely on what your first interaction does so I don't know. Start by adding the second interaction and from that we'll see smile


I've done what you said and it works... Kind of
The menu closes with the close button but not always.... Seems like a bug...
Since both the buttons are placed on the same place.... If i don't go out of the button area and click the close button again, it doesn't work...
On the other hand if I move the pointer outside and move it back in the close button area and click it,it works... What could be the problem here?

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