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Interaction Glitch? (or set up error?)



I have a hover interaction which reveals on hover / and resets on hover out. However, when you enter from left edge of the browser and hover, the element opens and then instantly resets. See clip for example Hover glitch?

Not sure if this is a glitch or a set up error?

Any ideas would be great?



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Check interaction timing and increse it


Hi @Polarmesh

What do you mean by this, as the interaction works fine unless you approach off screen so unsure what the issue is with timing?



Hi @sabanna @cyberdave - do you guys have any ideas / direction of this? Struggling to identify the issue / resolve?



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I can’t see the video. Where I can find the interaction?

Piter :webflow_heart:


Hi @PiterDimitrov, its in the orginal post at the top, link below.

Many thanks

Hover glitch?

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For some reason I can’t see the videos…I will check now


Very bizarre, I have just checked the link incognito and all is viewable. Let me know hwo yo get on.

Many thanks

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In incognito mode I see the same issue with the left interaction.

The right one has a similar problem.


Hm very strange. If I make a new interaction for the quotes box without any animation duration changes and easing changes works fine.

See >


Very interesting @PiterDimitrov

Something for me to look into, so could be an issue with Easing?

Thanks for taking a look, I will do some trial and error and see how I go.


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