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Interaction in gallery



I’ve tryed to play with interaction.
Here is my exemple :
Here is my share link :
I created a div bloc with Hover interaction.

Problem is when i duplicate this bloc, it work only on the first bloc.
but the 2 other blocs trigger the animation for the bloc 1 only.

thanks for your help.


To re-use IX2 animations, you would need to change the interaction element affected with class. In short - change in your interaction - element to class - and select affect only children with this class.

Do this for all your interaction elements and it should work.


Hello @fsh

As @Throatscratch is saying you need to change the target of your interaction. I made a small video to explain:

Plus you can take a look at this article that can help you understand why this is happening:


Thanks a lot for help.
I understand now.