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Interaction not going back to its place


Hi, I just created an interaction for an image to move to the left and resize using the hover trigger. The dive with a header and some text, I made it to overlap the image on purpose. The problem is that when I hover out of the image, the div that is overlapping stays behind the image. The idea is to always stay on top.

here is a video I made of the problem:

Here is my public share link:

please go to pages > ingredientes


Hello @Sebasgaes

Your read only link is not working, can you re share it please?


Hi here it is.


The only thing that you need to do is give it a higher index to the div that contains the text, like this:

Vi que tu sitio esta en español si necesitas ayuda en español también me puedes decir. :wink:


Muchas gracias Aaron, ya lo solucioné con tu solución. Probablemente te este preguntando. Saludos desde Costa Rica.


Con gusto Sebas, un saludo desde Irlanda del Norte con corazón mexicano.


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