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Interaction overrides hover state

Hey everyone

I have a problem with an interaction overrideing the hover state that I cant seem to figure out on myself.

The idea is that when you hover over one of these titles, it gets the purple textcolor. I did this by setting a hover state and that works fine.

Then when you click a title, the element that triggers it becomes ‘active’ (change illustration, close other text, open his text, make other titles dark again and changes his text color to purple).

Once Ive pressed one of the titles, and the interaction happens, the normal hover state of the titles (becoming purple when hover) doesn’t work anymore.

Is there a way for the hover state and interaction to work together?

*I tried it with a hover interaction too, but then the hover out interaction (change the text color back to dark) overrides the purple textcolor of the ‘active’ title so that didn’t really work eather

Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I’m having the same issue where interactions that change the BG color override CSS hover states. I found a similar thread on the forum from 2016, however, it seems like the issue still exists.

My read-only link (go to the Product page):

(also pinging @Waldo here since you were included in the other, now closed, thread)

Any update on this would be really great :blush: