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Interactions 2.0 Lagging


Hey guys, I have an issue where when I create my interactions 2.0 they lag for some reason on page load, but for example if I use a interaction preset like fly in or smth similar it works just fine. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

The problem accurs on google chrome


Hi @themikic Seems to be smooth on my end:

which browser version and OS are you using?


Hi Nelson!

Thanks for a quick reply :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

The problem occurs only on the published site, not in the designer itself… I’m using Google Chrome an my client has an Macbook Pro and noted me this issue? Can you see it is there on the browser?


ah ok. Are you talking about the delay in the animation while the site is laoding?


Just to make things easier as I don’t know how clear I’m.

You can see here that animation isn’t smooth somehow, it goes halfway and jitters and continues, but the animation below is working just fine, I’m I doing something wrong or is this a bug…? Happened on few of my clients sites too.


** The animation below is the webflow preset


Looks like a weak graphics card to me. How old is your MBP?


I don’t know about my clients MBP, but I have a custom built PC with 1050ti (4gb) , 16gb of ram and six core processor… I don’t think hardware is the issue, but on the other side if you can’t see the bug I may need to update the drivers


interesting. Have you also tested on an incognito mode browser window? Just want to rule out any installed extensions you may have.


Damn that never came on my mind! Just tested on incognito and it works just fine! I guess I’ll delete all of the extensions from my browser, do you want me to delete them one by one so I can see which one causes the issue or it doesn’t matter. Just wan’t to help if that one means anything…?


yea. you’ll need to delete them one-by-one. If you figure out which one is causing the issue, please let me know.


I’ll do it tomorrow as it is 11pm here, but thanks so much :tada:


Hmm, deleted all of the plugins and the problem still persisted, but when I deleted all history, cookies and chached files it works fine.