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Interactions: Animate this Div... Then wait till this Div's Animation is done... Then animate this other Div


Hello @Everyone,

I'm trying to do the following but I'm a bit puizzled... Just like there's an obvious "Wait" feature missing:

Let's say I have 2 square divs:

1 │ │ 2

I want the Div1 to rotate 360, and when finish, and only then, I want Div2 to roate 360.

How would you do such a condition (to wait for the first animation to end before firing the next one) ?


Put a delay on second div. The delay is the same time as the first divs interaction.


And after that delay you add the interactions.
Makes sense? :grinning:


Oh so if I get it right, I put an "Empty" step with just a Delay? Got it. So smart!

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