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Interactions / Animations not working in exported code

So I’ve run into an issue where my interaction animations (Page Load, Scroll, Hover, etc) aren’t working as designed in the code that I’ve exported and hosted elsewhere (Bluehost, for transparency). I’ve attempted to open the site using several different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), and have been running into similar issues every time. I’ve also opened the files directly in browser, so the issue seems to be with the code itself.

I’ve read through the code and it seems like the js file is linked properly in both the html and css, and otherwise I have no idea why these would be an issue.

Has anyone run into similar issues? Or have ideas as to how I might resolve this?

Live Site:
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I have run into this issue and I believe it’s caused by certain ID numbers relating to the interactions being different from those in the site’s .CSS file.
I found I needed to flush the cache of my CDN (CloudFlare) in order for the browser to re-download the correct .CSS file.
(Obviously make sure you’re uploading the site’s .CSS file even if you’re only making ‘page level’ changes.)

Good luck!

Stu were you able to figure out how to fix this issue? I’m going through the same bug on my exports. Looking for the fix.