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Interactions are not being copied to another project


I want to copy the WHOLE navbar from project 1 (read only link) to another project 2 (read only link).

When copy/paste, the interactions are not being copied. It took me a long time to set these up, and in the webflow tutorial it said that interactions can be copied to another project easily.

I tried to unlink symbols before copying, that does nothing.
I also tried copying something with animations from project 2 to project 1 and that works fine.

Is this a bug? Are there workarounds?

Thanks for your help in advance!


Hi @henrymcgillis

I’ve just tested this with both your sites and and can see that the interactions are not being copied. Tested on my own with an element with interactions and I can see that it is being copied as expected, so right now I’m not sure why it’s now working.

I’ll ask our team if anyone has any ideas or if there are known limitations and post back here shortly while I keep looking.

Thanks for your patience while I try to find a solution. I’ll post back when I have some info.


Hi Mark

Do you have any update on this issue?

Thanks in advance


I experienced the same exact bug recently when copying and pasting a navbar between sites. Interactions would not show up when pasted. Recreating the interactions and attempting to paste between pages on the same site also fail. I had to manually link up the interactions on every page. Applying them to classes or objects makes no difference. Other elements that were not navigation will paste across pages and sites successfully. Super frustrating. It was a massive time sucking task to apply them all manually across a dozen+ pages.