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Interactions only playing through Interactions Pane


Hi Webflow Friends,

I’ve got a preloader interaction that is supposed to animate some content in once loading is complete. Unfortunately the animation only plays when when previewing the animation through the interactions pane. I’m not sure why? Any help would receive super-love.


Here is my public share link:
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Hi @Nic1, thanks for the report. I took a look and it seems like the pre-loader animation is running for me in the site preview mode.

Is it possible for you to take a screencast of what you are seeing ? Here is a good tool:

Thanks in advance.


Hey Dave, it runs in preview mode, but some of the timed animations are only running when pushing play from the interactions panel. I’ve hidden a section to make things a bit clearer. Please see this video ( on how it should animate. If you preview the site or publish the project, some of the animations seen here don’t display. Thanks again for helping out.


Hi @cyberdave, any advice? I added a screencast as requested.


I have the same problem. I have an element witch has an interaction as loop after page load.
In preview mode it works just fine. But on the live site it dosen’t work.
I have tried safari, chrome an firefox. All the same.

Anyone an idea?


Hi Dave,

I’ve been posting in the forum, but haven’t had a response.



What if you separated the the preloader portion of the interaction from the intro? Tell it to play “when page starts loading” (right now it’s set to play with the rest of the intro which is set to “when page finishes loading”)

Then have the intro play “when page finishes loading”


Thanks @Port_of_Folio, the pre-loader is literally just an animated SVG and background gradient, there are no interactions to play “when page starts loading”. Everything in the timed animation that happens “when page finishes loading” is what I want there. Maybe I’m missing what you’re suggesting…