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Intercom Custom Launcher In Webflow


I am trying to add an intercom custom launcher from a button in webflow. I have followed the intercom help doc:

But it doesn’t work. When I add the additional custom code it also makes the standard launcher disappear.

Here is a read only link to the project im testing it in:


@Billy_Donnan - please post a published site link, can’t test custom code in the designer.

Just as a heads up, you can grab the published URL from the share link—assuming they’ve published the project:


In this case the site has been published and you can check it out here.

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@Billy_Donnan - this syntax is not valid:


Instead you could use an ID or a class (for multiple launchers), so something along the lines of:

<a href="#" class="intercom-launcher" class...>Launch</a>


<a href="#" id="intercom" class...>Launch</a>

then change your custom_launcher_selector value appropriately.

Hi @Billy_Donnan ,

I am having this exact same issue. Did you manage to get it working in the end?

At the end of my patience with it now!

Thanks in advance!